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Ash Wednesday Schedule 2021

Due to health concerns, ashes will be imposed contactless on the forehead using a cotton swab (Q-tip).
This is one of the forms approved by the Archdiocese of Chicago and considered to be of minimal risk.
See explanation video by the Archdiocese of Chicago

ASH WEDNESDAY, February 17th 

7:00 am-Ashes Only (English) registration at the door 

8:00 am-Mass (English)

12:00 pm-Ashes Only (English)

6:00 pm-Mass (English)

7:30 pm-Misa (Spanish)

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Ashes for the  sick, home-bound or any person staying home can be picked up at the office during office hours (9-1pm) Monday thru Wednesday, so that people at the same domicile can impose ashes to one another. We ask you to please dispose of the remaining ashes on the ground in your garden or in a flowerpot. 


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